About Us
Board of Directors

“Mercy for Memphis” was formed in 2008 with the hope of impacting people by strategic giving, both locally and internationally.  We believe that Jesus Christ became man and inhabited the earth to heal mankind, both physically and spiritually, to restore relationships, and to establish His Kingdom.

Our mission is to impact people for Christ by cultivating community, improving quality of education and of life, and furthering the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The board of directors believes everything is a gift from God, including the monies that comprise this foundation.  They wanted the foundation to be a part of God’s legacy of mercy.

The Foundation is not a 501c3.  We have chosen, for now, to house the funds at Hope Christian Community Foundation (www.hopeccf.org).  We are a small and privately run foundation.

The funding comes from the profits of 2 family-owned S corps: Lehman Roberts Company and Memphis Stone and Gravel.  To read more about the history of these two companies click on http://www.lehmanroberts.com/about-us/history/ and  http://msgravel.com/history


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